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Envior 200P ULTRA
Envior 200P ULTRA

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What We Do

Our services range from remedial rectifications and repairs to brand new builds, we are able to install membrane systems and impart technical knowledge throughout your project. For new builds we can assist from the design stage by specifying the best long term solution, providing datasheet and safety information for architectural use. For remedial works, we have the experience and up to date knowledge to suggest a solution for all internal and external waterproofing issues.


We provide an industry standard warranty of 10 years on workmanship for new waterproofing works. Our manufacturers will also provide a product warranty of 10 years. We also provide warranties on remedial and rectification waterproofing, please read our terms and conditions for more information.

Our team

Our highly-skilled, professional and dedicated technicians pride themselves on quality of their workmanship. Our technicians continuously undertake education and training in all areas of product and industry knowledge, this guarantees we are kept up to date with the latest innovations within the industry. We aim to ensure a safe working environment with our internal and onsite training practices, which gives us an edge over our competitors